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Even Vampires have Siblings…

Friday, August 3rd, 2012
Rebecca Zanetti Icon

I received very fun news the other day that Claimed is a finalist in the Maggies!  The winner will be announced at the Moonlight and Magnolias conference in October. Yes, I’m very excited.

Claimed was a fun book for me because both the hero and heroine are the oldest in their families.  Dage actually is the king, and he has four younger, very different, brothers to handle.  Emma only has one sister, but I’m pretty sure that Cara has kept her busy.

I have two younger sisters, and we’re pretty typical.  I’m the oldest, type A, kind of bossy one.  My middle sister is the peace maker, the easy going one…until she gets stubborn.  Then she’s the most stubborn person on the planet.

Our youngest sister is the rebel, the free spirit, the one who figures life will do what it should.  She’s all of five feet tall, and once she chased two men in a van across town because they cut her off at an intersection.  I’m truly not sure what she would’ve done had she caught them.

So, to celebrate being a finalist, I thought I’d post a quick blurb from Claimed that shows Dage’s family loyalties.  It’s an early scene where Dage and Emma first kiss and roll around a bit in a cave after fleeing the dangerous Kurjans (bad vampires) all day.  Enjoy!

Dage growled low, hands going to her waist to tug her to the ground.  Emma opened her senses to him.  His heartbeat echoed throughout her own head, and then…he stilled.

  His head lifted and he scented the air.  Slamming his metallic eyes shut, he swore.  He grabbed her shirt and yanked it up her arms, holding tight to the front.

“What is it?”  Her stomach dropped in fear.  “Did the Kurjans find us?”

“Worse.”  Dage shifted her to the side and stood, lending a hand to help her up.

Two men crowded the entrance to the cave—the men from her dreams.  “Your brothers?”


Her mind spun.  A hollowness echoed throughout her body that may never be filled. “How is that worse?”  She took his hand, holding her shirt together with trembling fingers. 

“Because I can’t kill them,” Dage said grimly, pulling her forward.  He nodded at the green eyed brother in the lead.  “It’s nice to know you followed orders and went to secure the facilities as needed.”  He shifted his focus to the copper eyed brother.  “One word Jase, and I’ll rip out your jugular.”

Jase wisely kept silent, though the twinkle in those eyes laughed hard enough to make sound. 

The first man threw caution to the wind.  “Hi Emma.  I’m Conn.”  He clapped Dage on the back.  “We couldn’t let the king miss the ball, now could we?” 

Ball?  What ball?

Hunted is out in the Wild!

Friday, May 4th, 2012
Rebecca Zanetti Icon

Hi all!  Somehow the internet ate my blog post about paranormal heroes, so I’ll find that and post next time.  For now, let me tell you about Book 3 in the Dark Protector Series.  Hunted officially released this Tuesday on May 1st and is available in both print and e-book formats.  Hunted is about a vampire soldier (Connlan Kayrs) and a tough witch (Moira Dunne) who accidentally mated about a century ago.   Here’s a new excerpt involving Conn, Moira, and Moira’s cousin, Kell.:

Stretched out on his back, Conn took a deep breath, dropping his head to the floor.  His entire body ached as if put through a cement mixer.  “Moira.”  He needed to make sure she hadn’t bruised her head.  She trembled against him, her breath coming in shallow gasps.  Anger simmered beneath his skin.  His mate was terrified.

Then she lifted her head.  He’d misjudged her.  Pure, raw fury lit her expression.  Shoving against his chest, she leapt to her feet.  “Son of a bitch.”  Shaking hands pushed back rioting curls as she rounded on her cousin.  “Some sort of pull, out of nowhere.  Out of the air.”  She stalked over to the bar and back, her gaze on the glass littering the floor, thoughts scattering across her face as she turned toward her cousin.  “Finally, an explanation.  This is how, Kell.”

Conn stretched to his feet.  “How what, Moira?”  Fury began to bubble anew through his veins.  He was a soldier and more than adapt at squashing his emotions.  But the heat ripping along his muscles hinted he might not be able to contain his temper today.

She whirled around.  “Oh, ah…nothing.”

He saw red.  Two strides had her biceps in his hands as he lifted her; two more had her ass slapping the bar.  Surprise lit her face and she stilled.  He leaned in, allowing every ounce of pissed off power to show on his face.  “How what?”

The surprise waned and she flared to life.  Temper flashed bright green in those eyes, sparks danced on her skin.  “Manhandle me again, Kayrs, and you’ll end up on all fours baying at the moon.”  She tried to find leverage with her legs, but his hips kept them immobile on either side of his.

Oh, he’d made a mistake.  No way in hell should he have allowed her a century.  “Let’s go pack your bags, Moira.  We’re heading home.”  The sooner he got her safely ensconced at headquarters, the sooner he could hunt for whoever was trying to take her.

She took a deep breath, making an obvious effort to keep from screaming.  Color washed her porcelain skin a blazing pink.  Perfect teeth clenched as she pushed sound out.  “I am home.”

“No.  Home just became an underground fortress guarded at every turn.”

Kell cleared his throat.  “Ah, as much as I’d like leave you to vampire foreplay, we need to get going.”

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt!


Bronwen Evans Icon

I hope my American friends had a wonderful Thanks Giving last week, and you’re not too stuffed full of Turkey!

I must be becoming more American with my foray into the publishing world, as I felt like I should be celebrating Thanks Giving too. So I cooked myself some chicken (couldn’t find turkey – usually arrives in the supermarkets in New Zealand for Christmas), and had my own little Thanks Giving dinner.  I gave thanks for my supportive family, my wonderful friends, my terrific readers, my agent and editor, and my writing buddies.

We had nothing as exciting as Thanks Giving happen this past weekend in New Zealand, except an election. Yip, it was our three yearly election of a new Government – in this case the re-election of our current National Party Government. If you’re interested in learning about New Zealand politics click here – I warn you, with a population of only around four million people, it’s not very exciting.

HOWEVER, my other big news it that INVITATION TO RUIN has received a RT Reviewer’s Choice Award Nomination for Best First Historical 2011.  

See the full list here.

Here was Jill’s original review:

Genre: England, Historical Romance
Sensuality: HHHHH HOT
Setting: 1808 London

Here’s a fast-paced story filled with snappy dialogue, action and a tortured hero that will delight the reader as much as he delights the heroine. A strong heroine, some wonderful secondary characters and a villain who is truly evil help move the story forward. Readers will laugh and cry as they and the protagonists learn that your past does not necessarily dictate your future and that love heals all wounds.
Anthony Craven, the Earl of Wickham, aka The Lord of Wicked, is about to pursue his favorite pastimes, sin and vice. On his way to his assignation he winds up in the wrong room, that of Miss Melissa Goodly, a 21-year-old virgin. When they’re caught, Anthony has no choice but to marry Melissa. Many hope that this is just what Anthony needs to turn him from his current path of self-destruction. Anthony leaves Melissa on their wedding night. Each time they are in the same room Anthony’s attraction for his wife grows, but he has vowed to never father a child in order to end what he believes is the evil in the family bloodline. The only thing Melissa hopes for out of this marriage is a child. She is determined to break through Anthony’s icy reserve. When a dark shadow from Anthony’s past kidnaps Melissa, he might lose her before he has a chance to tell her that he has fallen in love with her.
Reviewed By: Jill Brager


I have also received the cover flats for INVITATION TO SCANDAL.

Here’s the cover (I have to show you again as I love it!)
Want a little taste of Invitation to Scandal?

“You’re very tempting, you know.” Rufus’s voice and the fire in his teasing eyes were having a similar seductive effect as the alcohol would have.

Who was she fooling? Rheda had been off balance the minute he’d gazed upon her.

“Your beauty cannot be disguised by these rags. I see someone has given you fine silk stockings, your lover perhaps. He must be a wealthy man.”

“I have no lover.”

Rheda could tell by the quirk of his brow that he did not believe her. A woman dressed as she was, with hidden silk stockings. No wonder he had jumped to the wrong conclusion.

She shook her head. “Besides, I had nothing to do with the face God bestowed on me. It is not meant to entice you. I cannot help how I look.”

He nodded. “No more than I can help wanting to glory in it.”

With those husky words, he rose over her, slowly pressing her back into the fresh green grass. She felt every inch of his lean, hard body, and his masculine scent filled her nostrils. Rheda’s body betrayed her, welcoming the feel of him; the aroma of sandalwood and virile man became a heady rush that enhanced all her senses.

“Come now, do not play coy with me. You are old enough to know the games men and women play.  I would give you great pleasure.  I would satisfy you more than any of your other lovers.”

She’d had no other lovers.

How could she make him believe that?…

You can read more about INVITATION TO SCANDAL on my website. Invitation to Scandal is released in April 2012.

Next month I’ll have a copy to give away, so check my blog after Christmas. I hope you have a good one BTW!

an excerpt from Must Love Vampires

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
Heidi Betts Icon

As some of you may already know, I recently underwent a bit of surgery, so I’m not feeling up to full-blown blogging just yet.  I didn’t want to leave you high & dry, though, which is why I’m sharing an exclusive, never-before-posted excerpt from my October Kensington Brava release MUST LOVE VAMPIRES.

I hope you enjoy it!

The minute their lips touched, she was a goner. He felt like warm velvet, and tasted of thick, blackberry wine and dark, secretive vampire.

Not that she had a clue what vampires tasted like, other than the one she was slurping at right now. She would have thought he’d taste like blood—that was what they thrived on, right? So she’d expected a metallic, coppery flavor.

Instead, she got warm and spicy and just . . . male.

Her fingers kneaded his shoulders, and she pushed up, wanting to get closer, wanting more. A low mewling filled the air, and it took her a moment to realize the sound was coming from her.

She never mewled. Or moaned or groaned or panted or begged. At least she hadn’t in a very long time.

But he had her doing just that. She was making noises in the back of her throat—desperate, sexual noises. And in her head, she was doing even more. Panting, begging, all of the above.

His hands found the hem of his own oversize undershirt and delved beneath, stroking the smooth skin of her waist. They were so big and warm, even against her rapidly rising temperature.

When they found her breasts, she gasped, letting her head fall back and struggling for breath while his thumbs ruthlessly teased her stiffening nipples. She let the sensations wash over her, long-denied feelings of lust and longing coming alive and battling like a couple of prizefighters to get out.

“Wait,” she gasped when she could finally catch her breath. And it took a couple of tries, as well as a lot of licking of her dry, parched lips.

His hands continued to squeeze and torture, his mouth joining the fray to suckle a line up the length of her throat.

“Wait,” she said again, using the hands at his shoulders to push him back just a smidge.

He made an unhappy sound deep in his throat, but finally lifted his head and met her eyes. His glittered, dark and dangerous, and behind his slightly parted lips, she was sure she saw the glint of long, sharp canines. Longer and sharper than normal. Longer and sharper than they had been even earlier.

“You’re not going to bite me, are you? Suck me dry?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m going to suck you. And probably bite a little, too.”

His erotic threat made her stomach clench. Along with muscles that fell much lower and wanted nothing more than to wrap around him and squeeze.

“You know what I mean. Real biting, the kind that breaks the skin and makes you anemic. You’re a vampire and I’m a human, and that’s what vampires do to humans. Right?”

“Not necessarily. Unless we’re feeding. Otherwise, it’s . . . optional.”

Tipping her head, she pondered that for a minute. All kinds of images spilled through her mind. Sexy ones, scary ones, ones that fell somewhere in between. But of course, she had no way of knowing how accurate they were.

“Is it good?” she asked with only a slight hitch to her voice.


For him, sure. It was probably right up there with achieving an actual orgasm. But since he was the only one with fangs, she suspected he was biased.

“For both parties, though, not just the . . . heavy biter.”

“I can make it that way, definitely.”

“How?” she wanted to know, eyes narrowing with curiosity . . . and no small amount of self-preservation.

“I’ll show you,” he said, grabbing her up again and kissing her until she forgot all about being bitten, or losing too much blood, or even her own name. His fangs scraped against her lips, but she didn’t care. If anything, knowing they were there, how dangerous they had the potential to be, turned her on even more.

Holding her around the waist, he got to his feet, lifting her as though she weighed no more than one of his empty bottles of wine. Turning, he stalked across the living room without bumping into a single piece of furniture. His lips never left hers, his tongue never stopped delving inside her mouth as he carried her down the hall.

And she was no wilting lily in this ballgame. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him like a squid, and she was kissing him back. Trying to suck out his molars, to be honest–if he had any molars to suck out. She also couldn’t seem to resist running her tongue back and forth over those pointed incisors. Testing, exploring, imagining what they could and would do to her before the night was over.

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