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This is my final post as a Kensington Brava author. My last Brava release, Body Heat, came out in December. I’ve loved writing for Brava and am sad to be leaving.

However, I’m delighted to say that I’ll remain in the Kensington family and continue to write sexy contemporary romances. I’m moving to Zebra this summer and I hope you’ll follow me there.
Caribou Crossing

I’m launching a new series called Caribou Crossing. I grew up in a city and have lived in both Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, so maybe it’s natural that I’ve mostly written about urban settings. However, I’ve also spent a lot of time in the country and I love it, and I was one of the many girls who fell in love with horses as a child and never lost that feeling. So now I figure it’s high time to indulge my adult self with a little country-style romance.

Rather than set my stories in a real town, I created Caribou Crossing. It’s a composite of a number of small towns in the interior of British Columbia. It has a gold-mining history and now its economy is based on ranching and tourism.

The series will be introduced in July with an e-novella titled Caribou Crossing. It’s set in 1994-95 and it’s the story of Miriam and Wade Bly, childhood sweethearts who marry and then discover that the perfect wedding doesn’t guarantee the perfect “happily ever after.” As they’re faced with an unexpected pregnancy, financial issues, and health problems, they learn that it takes strength, love, and hard work to survive—but the benefits are oh, so sweet! This novella introduces their daughter Jessica and her best friend Evan.

Jessica and Evan’s romance is the subject of Home on the Range, an August novel (in mass market paperback and e-book).
Home on the range
For Evan Kincaid, the best thing about his dusty hometown was watching it fade into the distance. Jessica Bly was the only one who didn’t treat him like an outsider, and their friendship ended with one mind-blowing night of young passion. Now they’ve got the lives they planned—Evan in New York, Jess with her beloved horses in Caribou Crossing. But business has brought Evan back to Jess’s Crazy Horse ranch on a mission that could destroy whatever’s left of her trust.

Ten years ago, Jess wanted one perfect night to remember Evan by. What she got was a broken heart and a secret that’s kept them strangers ever since. The boy she knew was sexy and sweet; the man he’s become leaves her breathless. And no matter how much she tells herself that country girl and city boy don’t belong together, in her heart she wants to believe his home has been right here all along…

I’m delighted to say that one of my favorite authors of all time, Susan Wiggs, read this book and said, “I loved this book. It’s the perfect sweep-you-away story—smart, sexy, funny and touching, set in a beautifully rendered place in the west. Susan Fox delivers an unforgettable read.”

The Caribou Crossing series continues in September with Gentle on my Mind (mass market and e-book). This is Evan’s mother’s romance.
Gentle on my Mind
Brooke Kincaid knows second chances don’t come cheap. She’s spent five years repairing past mistakes and making her life in Caribou Crossing steady and predictable. But now a stranger’s Harley has shattered her fence and her peace of mind in one swoop. Brooke is drawn to everything about wounded undercover cop Jake Brannon—his raw masculinity, his tenderness, and the undisguised desire that makes her feel more alive than she’s ever been.

By rights, Brooke should curse Jake for complicating her life. Instead, she’s offered him a place to heal and a cover story as he searches for a wanted man. Jake knows she’s vulnerable, but she’s also strong, kind, and hotter than hellfire. It’s a combination that could make even a die-hard loner long to put up his boots and put down roots at last, and show her just how good a second chance can get…

I hope that, come summer, you’ll look for my Caribou Crossing stories. And I hope you keep reading and enjoying the wonderful books in the Brava line.

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