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As you are reading this, my boat is probably docking back in Boston after a week-long trip to Bermuda. It took me decades to convince my husband to go on a cruise, and this will be our third. We have become very fond of buffets and towels folded to resemble frogs on our bed at the turn-down service.

I have always wanted to visit Bermuda. Hey, I wear the shorts and love pink and green. When I was in college, a lot of my friends planned their June weddings and Bermuda honeymoons. I, of course, did not follow the rules. I got married in January and went to Maine for my honeymoon, where we were snowed in in an old farmhouse. Since it was our honeymoon, that was kind of okay.  After driving through a blizzard, I really did not want to ever get out of bed. ;)

Now I want a bit more adventure in my travels, particularly since I have a new book coming out on October 30 and I’ll have to stay close to home and the Internet for a month to promote it. Lord Gray’s List is the first London List book, and I’ll give away an Advance Reader Copy to one commenter who tells me where they (or someone they know) spent their honeymoon.

Do you have a honeymoon disaster story? Here’s mine. We were staying in my husband’s boyhood home while his mother and stepfather were in Florida (obviously, that’s where you want to go in January). The house was being looked after by their handyman, who somehow forgot we were coming. One morning, we woke up to him standing in the bedroom doorway. John had to explain who we were. I just pulled the blanket up over my head. The guy must have talked for fifteen minutes before my husband reminded him that we were both naked and could he please go and shovel something. We remembered to lock the door the rest of the week.